Swedencare acquires leading American pet supplement company NaturVet

Swedencare acquires the American company NaturVet, one of the US´ largest and most profitable companies in the premium segment for supplements for the pet healthcare market. Through the acquisition Swedencare will receive a very strong presence within premium products for the pet healthcare market in the US, at the same time as NaturVet’s products can gradually be offered within Swedencare’s global distribution network.

NaturVet (Garmon Corp.), which was founded in 1994 by the owner and CEO Scott Garmon, has an inhouse developed portfolio of premium products in about twenty categories which are manufactured in the company’s own production facility in California. The products are offered primarily through the retail segment with approximately 15,000 pet shops and through the large online platforms like chewy. com and Amazon. NaturVet’s products are ranked as the #1 pet supplement brand in four of the top five pet chains in the U.S. The product portfolio includes therapy areas such as joint, digestion and allergies. The company is at the forefront of product development and has a fast process of transforming ideas to product launches. In 2022, a completely new product serie – Evolutions – was launched with superfoods focused on millennials who have acquired their first pet. The company’s production facility maintains a very high standard both in terms of quality and efficiency, while at the same time it handles most forms of distribution such as powders, liquid, chews, soft chews.