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NutriScience is a leading producer of animal supplements for the equine, greyhound and small pet markets. Providing reliable formulas and products with proven health and wellness benefits.




Dog supplements

For a healthy lifestyle

We care about dog health. We are driven by high standards to achieve excellence in our range of dog supplements to produce the absolute best for your pet. After all, dogs are a man’s best friend!

Cat supplements

Everything you need for a healthy cat

We understand cat care. Our range of cat food supplements are specifically formulated for palatability and efficacy to ensure that your cat gets what it needs, and likes.

Equine supplements

Premium supplements for your horse

NutriScience high performance horse supplements are specially formulated. Our supplements can help with joint mobility, ulcers, digestive health, muscle repair, conditioning and calming.

Discover our segments

Our pet nutritional supplements help to promote the very best health and wellness for your animal and can assist with many common conditions in horses, cats and dogs.

Reliable and proven

We pride ourselves on our continuous investment in research and development. Our highly-experienced technical team ensures the delivery of excellent product quality and effectiveness. All of NutriScience products are uniquely formulated based on the most recent scientific research in nutrition.