Innovet launches Oleea®

Innovet, a subsidiary of Swedencare, and one of Italy’s leading and most profitable supplement companies focused on the veterinary segment, enters a new therapeutical area, Metabolism, with the launch of Oleea®.

Oleea® is the new complementary feed that reduces the risk of developing overweight/obesity related disorders. Oleea® is specially developed from Innovet’s Research to protect the health and wellbeing of overweight dogs and cats. In association with a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity, Oleea® decreases meta-inflammation and improves lipid and glucose metabolism, protecting the body against injuries resulting from an excess of body fat.

The product helps to maintain the homeostasis of the adipose tissue of dogs and cats by supporting the endocannabinoid system.

Oleea® contains:

  • Olaliamid®: Patented olive oil derivative consisting of a mixture of NAEs (N-acylethanolamides). NAEs are endogenous compounds, produced “on demand” in order to protect cells against stress of different nature. NAEs are involved in maintaining an ideal body condition. In obese patients, NAE’S are found to be reduced.
  • Vitamin E: Neutralises free radicals (antioxidant)

According to recent estimates, more than half of pet dogs and cats are overweight. It is not merely a matter of aesthetics, but of actual health problems: obesity and overweight cause meta-inflammation (low-grade chronic inflammation based on metabolic dysfunction), increasing the risk of diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardio-respiratory deficits, tumors, to name a few. Oleea® and its ingredients decreases meta-inflammation, improves lipid and glucose metabolism and helps to maintain the homeostasis of the adipose tissue of dogs and cats.